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No Charges in Alleged McPherson Square Sexual Assault

In the heart of the Occupy DC movement



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    The Occupy DC camp in McPherson Square.

    Prosecutors are not filing charges in an alleged sexual assault at McPherson Square, the base of the Occupy D.C. movement.

    According to police, two men were fighting in the park after 7 p.m. Monday.  During the fight, one of the men allegely groped the other and was taken into custody.

    Occupy DC members, who have been encamped at McPherson Square for more than two months, said the accuser was living at McPherson Square, the Associated Press reported.

    It is unclear whether any of the demonstrators were involved in the incident.

    U.S. Attorney's Office spokesman Bill Miller said he couldn't comment on the decision not to bring charges.

    The case remains under investigation.

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