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Some Parents Call Walk to School Dangerous



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    Some Loudoun County parents are concerned a walk to school could take a dangerous turn.

    Last spring, the county's school board decided to more strictly enforce a policy requiring those living less than a mile from school to walk instead of ride a school bus. Loudoun County parent Terri Azie told News4 it's not the distance that matters but rather the kids' safety.

    "Our objection is that students are crossing two what we feel are dangerous, heavily traveled commuter roads," Azie said.

    In fact, she took matters into her own hands. She said she watched students navigate bustling Route 15, or King Street, the road in front of Tuscarora High School. She said some cars block the cross walk, and in one instance, her daughter had to contend with a bad driver.

    "The light turned green, signaling kids to walk and a car turned left... it did not yield," Azie said.

    Another mother told News4 the lights take a long time to switch, so she's worried kids may try to outrun oncoming cars.

    "I pressed the button and jogged for six minutes while waiting for the signal to come on," Jill Weiss said.

    Some parents have been successful in their appeals to switch back to school bus service, including Azie with her younger child. Superintendent Ed Hatrick told News4 he stands by the school board's decision.