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Paramedics Bring Drowned Pregnant Woman Back to Life

Woman found drowned in overturned car



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    Sade Davis

    CLINTON, Md. -- A Prince George's County woman and her unborn child are alive thanks to the fortuitous string of events that followed a nearly fatal crash.

    Sade Davis, 23, who was technically dead when paramedics found her in an overturned, half-submerged car, returned home from the hospital on Wednesday.

    "It's definitely double miracles sitting right here," Davis told the men and women who revived her.

    "He's supposed to be here," Davis said as she looked down at her pregnant belly with a laugh. "That's why he's kicking right now." 

    Pregnant Woman Dies, Yet Survives Car Wreck

    [DC] Pregnant Woman Dies, Yet Survives Car Wreck
    23-year-old Sade Davis has an amazing survival tale. Prince George's County firefighters hustled to save her after her car had rolled into a ditch. Davis stopped breathing and was clinically dead for a time, shortly after the crew realized that their crash victim was pregnant.
    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2009)

    The crash happened Saturday morning, when Davis' car veered off the road and overturned into a nearby creek. She would soon drown.

    By chance, a single passerby saw Davis' car veer off the road and crash. Then, men and women from Fire Station 825 came driving by en route to another call.

    "We ended up having a bystander jump out in the middle of the road and say, 'Hey, I think a car just went over the embankment here,'" Lt. Dale Giampetroni said.

    When they found the car overturned in the creek, "We tested the vehicle for stability, jumped into action, got into the water," said firefighter David Wilson.

    Inside, they found an obviously pregnant Davis. She wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse. She had drowned.

    But paramedics managed to bring her back to life. Today she's smiling and happily awaiting the birth of her son.