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PD: Airport Employee Stole from Passenger Luggage



    News 4's Chris Gordon reports on the June 18 arrest of a Dulles baggage handler accused of taking jewelry, sunglasses and other personal items - even a bag of marijuana - from travelers' luggage. (Published Monday, Aug. 5, 2013)

    A Dulles International Airport employee was arrested for stealing items from people's luggage -- including marijuana, sunglasses and jewelry.

    Ahmed Abdel Motaleb Morsy, 38, was seen picking through a bag June 18 and when police approached him, he was holding a stolen credit card. He consented to allow detectives to search his vehicle, inside of which they found 17 pairs of expensive sunglasses, jewelry, a Rolex watch and a bag of marijuana.

    The affidavit states Morsy admitted transporting stolen items from the airport to his home in Reston, Va. He also admitted buying Oxycontin from an unnamed source in his neighborhood -- investigators asked the court for a search warrant to trace cell phone calls and texts in an effort to find his supplier.

    The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority says Morsy was not and is not their employee, but was rather working for a contractor or an airline. He was arrested on charges of larceny of a credit card and larceny/felony of other items.