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Ooooo.. Is Sasha in Trouble?

Media coverage for the event is null



    Ooooo.. Is Sasha in Trouble?
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    Sasha Obama

    President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama went to Sidwell Friends School today, and it wasn't to drop their daughters off at school.

    They were there for a parent-teacher conference. For daughter Sasha. Ooooooo...

    Now, we know that doesn't mean anyone's in trouble. Of course not. It might just be a routine PTC, the kind that happens this time of year, where the school tells you how your child is progressing so far, if/where they need help, etc., etc. 

    Except that the school wasn't expecting the President, only the First Lady. And then there's the whole showing up in a motorcade at the elementary school campus where Sasha, 8, is a second-grader.

    Talk about the perks of being a president's daughter.

    (Maybe if our parents had shown up in a motorcade, we wouldn't have tried to deny their existence.)

    One thing for sure. No one can say President Obama never takes time out for his family.

    So we guess we can forgive the whole "no media coverage of the visits." It's not like the the Obamas ever tell us much of anything where their daughters are concerned. And we don't blame them. Really. 

    Remember Jenna and Barbara? (Oh, the drinking, the escapes from the Secret Service, those were the days!)

    It's just much more fun knowing. Besides, this could be a great starting point for a national conversation on the importance of parent-teacher conferences and staying involved in your kids' lives. 

    To semi-quote Stephen Colbert: the President's daughters aren't perfect, and so can you!