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"One Nation" Visits Nation's Capital



    Thousands of liberals descended on the National Mall today for a march to support the progressive agenda.

    Organizers for the One Nation march said that their event was not a response to Glenn Beck's August "Restoring Honor" rally. But the march mirrored that rally in significant ways. Though Beck's event was more religious in nature, he spoke to a partisan crowd largely affiliated with the tea party movement. Today, Schultz and other speakers delivered fiery speeches -- from a leftist perspective.

    The associated press reports that MSNBC host Ed Schultz blamed Republicans for losing jobs to overseas competitors and for curtailing freedoms.

    The event also meant crowds on the Metro and at downtown shops and museums. The event brings to mind a question: Is the left any better about standing on the right on escalators than the right?

    One Nation Rally at the Lincoln Memorial

    [DC] One Nation Rally at the Lincoln Memorial
    Derrick Ward reports on the One Nation rally at the Lincoln Memorial that was a unifying event for liberals throughout the nation.
    (Published Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010)

    At the end of October, both the "Restoring Honor" and the "One Nation" rally will likely come under fire when Comedy Central' Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert bring their pseudo-serious rallies to Washington.