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Rockville Seeks Public's Input With Deer Problem

Battling a white-tailed problem in Rockville



    Rockville Seeks Public's Input With Deer Problem
    Wayne Eicher

    People in Rockville, Md., are saying, “Oh deer!”

    So many deer are making a home for themselves within the city that residents are now brainstorming ways to keep them off their property.

    The city’s superintendent of parks and facilities is constantly fielding complaints.

    Steve Mader said they range from deer eating away at gardens to people concerned with Lymes disease or getting into an accident.

    Those issues prompted city leaders to seek public opinion on several proposals to beat the white-tailed problem.

    Last month, a 16-member task force presented the mayor and council with seven recommendations on coping with the overgrown population.

    Among the options, changing the law to allow backyard fences as tall as 10-feet or reducing the number of deer by killing them off.

    “The task force was not looking at licensing just any hunters,” Mader said. “They are looking at using lethal means, which would be working through an organization that does that.”

    Critics say leave the deer alone. It’s not their fault.

    The city is taking public comment between now and Sept. 9.