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Occupy Richmond Leaving Mayor's Neighborhood

Protesters move on to new phase of activities



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    Protesters held a rally at the VCU compass to gain support for Richmond's Occupation movement, Richmond, VA, October 31, 2011. The Occupy Richmond protesters held a rally in Monroe Park and the VCU compass after its camp at Kanawha Plaza was raided by the police. (AP Photo/Zach Gibson)

    Occupy Richmond is ending its protest activities on property next-door to the mayor's house.

    Media outlets said Occupy Richmond announced Monday that it will end its encampment on Richmond Free Press Publisher Raymond H. Boone's front lawn. The group said its General Assembly voted Sunday to move on to a new phase of activities.

    Boone invited the group to camp in his yard after the city cleared them from a downtown plaza Oct. 31.

    Occupy Richmond said it plans to leave Boone's property Tuesday and concentrate activities toward urban neighborhoods and the downtown. These activities will include community service projects, urban community outreach, educational forums and demonstrations.

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