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Occupy Richmond Accepting Invite to Encamp on Lawn of Mayor's Neighbor

Demonstrators asked mayor for permission to occupy public space



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    Protesters held a rally at the VCU compass to gain support for Richmond's Occupation movement, Richmond, VA, October 31, 2011. The Occupy Richmond protesters held a rally in Monroe Park and the VCU compass after its camp at Kanawha Plaza was raided by the police. (AP Photo/Zach Gibson)

    Members of Occupy Richmond said they'll take up a newspaper publisher's offer to encamp on his property next door to the mayor's residence.

    The anti-Wall Street activists said they'll accept the offer from Raymond Boone, editor and founder the Richmond Free Press. They said they'll begin their encampment on Tuesday.

    Occupy Richmond asked Mayor Dwight C. Jones to allow them to occupy a public space without fear of arrest. They said he has not responded.

    Occupy members have said Jones betrayed them when he ordered police to clear an encampment on a city plaza in Richmond's financial district in October.

    Jones had said days earlier he was sympathetic to the Occupy cause because of his ties to the civil rights movement.

    Boone offered his property last week in an editorial.

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