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Non-Endorsement Goes to McDonnell

Wilder won't endorse his party's candidate



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    Republican Bob McDonnell vs. Democrat Creigh Deeds

    Ex-Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder's refusal to endorse his party's candidate for next governor of Virginia has to feel pretty good to Republican candidate Bob McDonnell.

    Not that McDonnell got an endorsement from Wilder or anything, but Wilder's refusal to endorse Creigh Deeds is a slap in the face not only to Deeds but also to President Barack Obama and Democratic National Committee Chair (and current Virginia governor) Tim Kaine, who both solicited Wilder's endorsement of Deeds.

    Much has been made of Wilder's silence on the subject. His refusal to endorse Deeds came with the explanation that Deeds sudden willingness to raise taxes in a bad economy is bad leadership, the Washington Times reported.

    "We are in the toughest economic times that we've had. I think the most driving thing to do now is to be a part of fiscal sanity and restoring accountability.

    "The first thing you do when that situation occurs is to get a handle on spending and to control what you are doing. It is not going out and advocating that the first thing you are going to do is see if you can spend some more money. That doesn't make it a difficult decision for me to say I can't embrace this."

    Wilder also cited Deeds opposition to a law restricting gun purchases.

    The former governor did offer that both Deeds and McDonnell are honorable men who are well suited to be governor.