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D.C. Parking To Get Easier, More Complicated

Meters? We don't need no stinkin' meters!



    The District Department of Transportation is working on new, more advanced ways to get you to pay for your parking spot. (Published Monday, July 19, 2010)

    Have you ever looked at a parking meter and said to yourself, “This is just too simple! I need something far more sophisticated and complicated to take my money when I need to park.” If so, you’re in luck.

    District transportation officials are trying out new parking methods in the coming months. The programs will be in effect for a few months, but they could be greenlit if deemed a success.

    The ideas include:

    • Pay-by-space parking
    • Pay-by-license plate parking
    • Pay-by-phone parking

    While the new systems mean you may not need to carry around 10-pound bags of coinage, they do come with some extra baggage -- more steps to follow.

    The pay-by-space program will be implemented in the Friendship Heights area. Think of this as the traditional parking system -- but more confusing. Each spot will have a designated number. Just pay for your allotted time at a single machine planted in the middle of a row of spots.

    You’ll find the pay-by-license plate parking spots in the 1300 block of U Street, NW, later this week. You’ll have to enter your license plate number into a meter, along with the money you’d like to use to pay to park. The meters will accept major credit cards as well as coins.

    If you park in parts of Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, or near Nationals Park, you’ll be able to use your cellphone to pay for parking soon. You’ll have to sign up for the program, though, in advance. DDOT has instructions on how to do so on its website

    Click here for a map of all of the parking pilot programs.