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Middle School in Fairfax Bars Student From Wearing 'Boobies' Bracelet

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    A middle schooler in Fairfax County wearing pink all month for breast cancer awareness was forced to remove his bracelet. Officials took issue with the word 'boobies.' (Published Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011)

    A Fairfax County middle school student won his fight for the right to wear his breast cancer awareness bracelet to school.

    Administrators at Franklin Middle School in Chantilly confiscated 12-year-old Brad Halsey’s bracelet at school recently. It’s not that they object to breast cancer awareness; it’s this particular bracelet that has them so upset. That’s because it reads, in big pink letters: I LOVE BOOBIES.

    County school officials called the bracelet inappropriate for school, saying any student can wear a breast cancer awareness bracelet to school, as long as it doesn’t contain the word “boobies.”

    But Brad saw nothing wrong with his bracelet, and neither did his grandmother. They said it’s simply his way of showing support for a good cause.

    Brad said he was not making any jokes about the bracelet and did not mean for it to become a disruption.

    School officials looked at the legal aspect and determined there was nothing wrong with the bracelet. It has been returned, and Brad will be allowed to wear it in school again.