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No Federal Aid for Louisa Co. Earthquake Victims

Struggle to pay for repairs continues



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    Tony Williams surveys damage at his Mineral, Va., home after the quake struck.

    Homeowners in Louisa County, Va., are still struggling to pay the bills for damage caused by the Aug. 23 5.8-magnitude earthquake.

    Their financial problems are now being heightened by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s denial of financial aid.

    The county’s plea for help was recently rejected and few homes and businesses had insurance.

    Gov. Bob McDonnell said he will appeal FEMA’s decision. He’s even invited President Barack Obama to visit Louisa County and survey the damage himself.

    In the meantime, residents are relying on county tax relief to cover the $18 million in damages. They’re also holding fundraisers to help their cash-strapped neighbors make ends meet.

    County Attorney Dale Mullen is calling these efforts “a very small drop in a very large bucket.” He and others are calling for the same federal aid that other states receive for similar disasters.