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Nine-Year-Old Honored for Saving Child's Life

Nine-year-old Camille Revis pulled a little girl from the bottom of a pool



    Camille Revis was honored Friday for pulling a little girl from the bottom of a pool last month. (Published Friday, July 13, 2012)

    A young hero in Northern Virginia got some well-deserved accolades Friday.

    Nine-year-old Camille Revis was the only person who noticed another child not moving at the bottom of a pool. She didn't just call for help -- she actually saved the girl's life.

    June 26 was a busy, hot day at the Westgate Complex pool in Manassas. Revis was there with her grandmother.

    "I was gonna get out and I saw the girl and she was face down on the bottom of the pool," Revis said. "So I went down and held my breath and poked her to see if she was just playing or something, and she didn't look at me."

    At the bottom of the pool was a four-year-old girl. Police say her mother had left her five children, ranging from one to eight years old, inside the pool gates while she signed in a guest.

    When Revis found her, she says she picked her up, cradling her, and then laid her on the pool deck while yelling for help.

    "I said, 'Help, someone help me, I think this girl drownded," Revis said.

    The girl wasn't breathing, and two lifeguards started performed CPR.

    Continental pool, which runs the facility here, tells NBC4 they have competed an investigation and the lifeguards were in their proper positions at the time.

    The four-year-old is expected to make a full recovery. Her mother, Giovanna Naravez, 23, has been charged with three counts of child neglect. Naravez was released on bond.

    On Friday morning, Revis was honored by the Westgate Apartments and Townhomes community. Prince William Fire and Rescue will also give her an award for her bravery.

    "She doesn't think it's a big deal," said Bette Demma of Westgate. "She said [the little girl] was very light to push out of the pool. It's amazing. Just amazing."

    Revis has been wondering about the little girl. "I've been thinking about her all week for the last few weeks," she said. "...I feel like I did something really good.