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New Scientologist Church to Save D.C.



    New Scientologist Church to Save D.C.
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    No, that's not L Street.

    There's good news for President Barack Obama and his hard-working White House staff. Should they ever want to take a personality test that indoctrinates them into a religion, the Church of Scientology is even closer than before.

    Six blocks from the White House, Scientology opened up its newest church over the weekend, reports the Washington Business Journal.

    While to you, it might just seem like a run-of-the-mill church (or cult, depending on your perspective), to Scientologists, it's something more.  David Miscavige, the leader of the religion, said in a press release that, "[t]his is also the kind of Church [L. Ron Hubbard] envisioned when authoring our programs and campaigns — in anticipation of a day when turmoil knocks out the props and the whole social veneer collapses."

    So now citizens of downtown know where to go once that veneer starts to fall.  Watch out; it could be heavy.

    Congressman Brad Sherman from California attended, as did a representative for Mayor Adrian Fenty.  For that, Mike Silverstein, president of the Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Association, drew the short straw.

    The mayor, no doubt, had more pressing matters to attend to: shaving his head, perhaps?