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New Rankings Revealed for Airport Delays

Reagan National best local record, but....



    New Rankings Revealed for Airport Delays
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    If you absolutely positively have to leave town by air on time, your best chance is by flying out of Reagan National Airport, the Washington Business Journal reported.

    That's according to new statistics released by the Department of Transportation.

    By its calculation, 82.16 percent of flights out of Reagan National have departed on time so far this year, making the airport the ninth best among the nation's 29 biggest airports.

    Although Reagan National is the best of the local airports, its on-time performance score slipped this year from last.

    Washington Dulles International Airport is ranked 12th in the nation, with 81.17 percent of flights departing on time, a slight improvement over last year.

    BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport did not score as well, ranking 26th with 75.56 percent of flights leaving on time, a substantial drop from the same period last year.

    When it comes to arrivals at the local airports, Washington Dulles ranks 15th with an 80.03 percent on-time performance; BWI/Thurgood Marshall ranks 17th with 79.27 percent on-time arrivals; and Reagan National comes in at 20 with 78.10 percent of arrivals on time.