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New Program to Fight Sex Harassment on Metro

Program to address riders' sexual harassment concerns



    Metro Fights Sexual Harrassment

    Metro passed out fliers titled "Rub Against Me and I'll Expose You" April 2, kicking off its public anti-sexual-harassment awareness campaign. News4's Jackie Bensen reports. (Published Tuesday, April 3, 2012)

    A group of riders went before the District Council at the end of February to testify about sexual harassment they said is a frequent occurrence on the Metro system. 

    Witnesses from the group Collective Action for Safe Spaces, a citizen public safety advocacy group, testified about groping, public exposure, and other types of harassment they allege goes unreported on public transit.

    In response, Metro has joined together with the group Collective Action in a new campaign to address this type of harassment.

    The first step in the new campaign: an email address and a phone number have been made available to report sexual harassment.

    Anyone who has either been a witness to unwanted sexual harassment or sexual assault should email  Metro says reports should be made for "unwanted sexual behavior, such as extended leering, sexual comments, indecent exposure, stalking, and groping."

    Those who file reports should list what happened, where, the time of day, a description of the harasser in the email.  Metro also asks for pictures if possible: "If you felt safe, you can attach a picture or video of the perpetrator.  Your information will help us keep these people from harassing others."

    Reports of sexual harassment can also be made by phone, at 202-962-2121.

    Metro said it will be rolling out more programs to combat sexual harassment on the system in the coming months.

    UPDATE: Metro passed out fliers titled "Rub Against Me and I'll Expose You" April 2 as it kicked off its public awareness campaign about the anti-sexual-harassment effort. Awareness posters also will be dispayed.