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Good and Bad of Development in Stafford County



    There's been a turnaround in housing construction so far this year in Stafford County, Va. Northern Virginia Bureau Chief Julie Carey says residents are hoping the good news doesn't bring along a bad side-effect. (Published Friday, June 14, 2013)

    New information shows years of economic difficulties have turned around in Stafford County, Va., but many residents hope the new round of good times won't have a bad side effect.

    After the recession killed the building boom of 2005, construction sounds are welcome.
    During the recession’s housing valley, permits were issued for only about 400 to 500 new units. This year Stafford, is on pace to double that.
    One driving force: Relocation of military jobs due to BRAC, and Stafford County also eliminated many business taxes to draw new companies.
    “Economically we're growing in all sectors of our economy, so the retail sector is improving, regular commercial and then certainly the defense contracting industry,” Deputy County Administrator Keith Dayton said.
    Lifelong Stafford resident Melissa Guerra sees good and bad in the new construction.
    “Happy because there is more to do around here and the growth has really helped jobwise, but sad because a lot of the natural things about around here are getting bulldozed over,” she said.
    Greg Nye, who runs his own pool-cleaning company, said the growth could boost his business, but he worries about more traffic.
    “If they keep up with the roads it’d be a good thing,” he said. “If they don’t have the money to do the road improvements, it could be a bad thing, a traffic nightmare.”