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Fairfax Draws Most New Residents in Our Region

More people moving from in-state and out-of-state choose to live in Fairfax over any other city in the region



    Fairfax Draws Most New Residents in Our Region
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    New census data released on Wednesday shows more people are choosing to move to Fairfax County than any other city in our area.

    The data showed movers from in state, out of state, total abroad that moved to the region. Fairfax County had the largest amount of people moving into the area from both out of state and in state.

    A Fairfax County worker said the county has a friendly business climate, as well as a school system that draws in companies and families moving to the region.

    Montgomery County saw a larger population of movers coming from outside of the United States. According to the data, 15,791 or 23% of Montgomery County’s 68,000 new residents came from aboard.

    Fairfax County saw a total of 14,592 people from aboard move into the region, about 16% of its total population.

    Montgomery County came in second for the amount of people that moved into the region.

    The total number of new foreign and domestic residents to the region is 379,830 and out of that, there are a total of 58,000 immigrants. Montgomery County and Fairfax County combine to make up half of the areas total immigrant population.

    The data also showed that Northern Virginia Counties like Prince William and Loudon bring more in-state movers than out-of-state movers.

    The District and some areas of Maryland see more out of state movers then those moving in from cities nearby.