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Number of Busted Distracted D.C. Drivers Grows



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    Feel like you've been beaten over the head with the "stop texting while driving" message? Well, that's because too many people are still doing it -- and breaking the law in D.C. while they're at it.

    So next time you think about reaching for your mobile device behind the wheel, abort! If you don't do yourself or someone else serious harm, there is a pretty good chance that a D.C. police officer will catch you, pull you over and give you a pricey ticket. And if new numbers are any indication, that's practically a guarantee.

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    Metropolitan Police had issued 11,088 cell phone-related distracted driving tickets through September of this year, putting the city on pace for a total of 14,784 citations.

    The most tickets issued by police since the city's hands-free law took effect in 2004 was 11,904 in 2008 -- meaning this year's total could represent a 24 percent increase.

    Police Chief Cathy Lanier said motorists shouldn't expect the campaign against texting and hand-held talking while driving to let up anytime soon.

    "Distracted driving is behind so many traffic crashes and so many fatalities that we really have to put the full court press on this until people get the message," Lanier said.

    "You can buy a hands-free device for $20 and save a life," she added, "and save yourself a $100 ticket."