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My, What a Big Fish You Have



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    We're gonna need a bigger pole.

    C'mon, man. If you want to blow off your wife for a weekend with a fish-at-sea story, you've gotta do better than claiming to almost have been pulled overboard by a made-up fish.

    A Maryland fisherman caught what could be a state record 62-pound tilefish, reports Are they just making up fish names now? What's wrong with good ol' bass, pike or walleye?

    The fisherman's catch came at the end of a three-day tour out to sea (wink, wink) to Baltimore Canyon (nudge, nudge).

    He expanded his fish story, telling the paper:

    "There's not too many people who fish for tilefish. You have to go pretty far for them, but since the sea bass fishery is shut down, we have to go for something else. They live 60 miles offshore and they live in the 80 to 100 feet of water on the bottom. I didn't even think you can get your bait down that far."

    Thankfully for him, he's produced some photographic evidence of the "mythical" sea-beast, so maybe his story isn't completely fishy. He's trying to have the record confirmed, which would definitely complete his alibi.

    So maybe his fish story isn't so fishy after all.