Mother Dies Three Months After Children Witnessed Shooting - NBC4 Washington

Mother Dies Three Months After Children Witnessed Shooting

Children's father is murder suspect



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    DC Police are looking for Reynard Cook, who is suspected of shooting Yolanda Stone to death in front of their children.

    A mother has died three months after being shot in front of her children in the District. Police are still looking for their father, who is now a murder suspect.

    In February, Yolanda Stone was shot on Alden Place NE, according to D.C. police. She died over the weekend.

    Since the shooting, police have been looking for Reynard Cook, the father of her children. Cook also goes by Reyvon Stone, Don Fitzgerald Hancock and Demarko Brown, police said.

    Police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to Cook's arrest.

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