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Most Likely to Succeed - At Offending Someone

Racy yearbook tells a bit too much about its students



    Most Likely to Succeed - At Offending Someone

    Look back at your old yearbook, and you’ll probably find pictures of yourself with that stylish mullet. Or that action photo of you about to make a layup on the varsity basketball team. Or that inside joke your best friend wrote when signing your book.

    But students at one Fredericksburg high school may find messages like this when they look back at their yearbooks:

    • “I have sex with people just to feel wanted.”
    • “I worry all the time my ex-boyfriend will use the naked picture I sent him to ruin my life.”
    • “I’m pregnant with my best friend’s boyfriend.”

    These “confessions” somehow made it into the yearbook at Massaponax High School, according to the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. They were submitted on a Facebook page some Massaponax students created last August. The page was called “Massaponax Yearbook” and asked for anonymous confessions. They somehow made it from Facebook to the yearbook.

    That may not be the only racy addition to this year’s book. The “Quotable Quotes” section contains several double entendres and sexual innuendos. They may be more than just explicit; they may also be inaccurate. At least two students have told the school they were misquoted.

    Now, the school’s principal is trying to have the yearbooks reprinted.

    “It’s totally inappropriate for a high school yearbook,” Principal Joe Rodkey told the Free Lance-Star. “The students, the school and this community deserve a better yearbook than what I have.”

    It may be too late. Some copies of the book were distributed last Friday at an after-school party. Rodkey, though, hopes to have a new, less-explicit book published and ready for students by the end of the school year on June 11.

    Dr. Jerry W. Hill, superintendent of Spotsylvania County Schools, issued the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

    "Yearbooks in Spotsylvania County Schools are considered an annual milestone that should reflect the positive accomplishments of a student's high school experience. The students, school, and community have come to expect such a quality yearbook from Massaponax High School. It is most unfortunate that inappropriate comments found their way into the 2010 yearbook for Massaponax High School. The principal, Joseph Rodkey, who has spent ten years building a great high school, acted quickly to recall any yearbooks distributed on Friday, May 14. Additionally, he has worked with the yearbook publishing company and a revised yearbook that students and staff can be proud of is being reprinted and distributed to students before June 11."