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More D.C. Officers Needed on the Street

Fewer Than 3,800 Officers on the Streets



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    Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier

    D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier admitted Thursday that there are not enough officers out on the streets of the District.

    Appearing on WTOP's "Ask The Chief" program, Lanier admitted that there are now fewer than 3,800 officers available to be put out on the streets.  Previously, Lanier had stated that if numbers dipped below that number that the department would be in trouble.

    Lanier blamed the low number of officers on residual effects from a three-year hiring freeze imposed on the department..

    "Its harder for me to do what i need to do," Chief Lanier said Thursday morning. "I have to sacrifice some things to accomplish other things. I've got to be creative."

    Chief Lanier said the department is actively trying to hire 300 new officers. She said she hopes to have some of them on the street by the end of the spring.