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More Cracks in the Intercounty Connector

Repairs won't happen any time soon, officials say



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    New cracks have been found on the $2.4 billion Intercounty Connector, which links eastern Montgomery County and northwestern Prince George’s County.

    State inspectors found cracks on two bridges where US 29 and the ICC intersect.

    Cracks were found in three other bridges earlier this year, prompting Maryland transportation officials to order a highway-wide inspection.

    The problem concerns the amount of steel in concrete “pier caps” in the bridges, according to Maryland transportation officials.

    “The cracks are a durability issue, not a safety issue,” said David Buck, at the State Highway Administration.

    Repairs are not imminent, Buck added. State officials are consulting with the project  designer to see if the new cracks are similar to those that previously were found and fixed. The contractor will handle the cost of the repairs, officials said. However, the designer disputes the state findings and has asked an outside consultant to settle the matter.