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Montgomery County Ponders Liquor Store Privatization



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    Hear that buzz in Montgomery County?

    That's the sound of people talking about an online report about county Executive Ike Leggett saying he plans to explore privatizing the county's liquor stores -- much like Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is pondering.

    The report surfaced in the Rockville Patch. But while just the idea is enough to stir up controversy, it doesn't appear that Leggett is very serious about making it happen.

    Leggett told NBC4's Chris Gordon on Thursday that he has rejected privatization in the past, but that he has been asked to reconsider it as a revenue-producing alternative.

    Would it produce more liquor stores in the county? That's one of the questions some in Virginia are asking in regard to McDonnell's idea. Leggett said he doesn't know.

    Would it mean an increase on the tax on liquor, which would ultimately be passed on to consumers? Once again Leggett said he didn't know.

    Does Leggett even favor privatization? He said no.

    So for now, it doesn't look like liquor store privatization in Montgomery County will get very far.