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Montgomery County Police Note Uptick in Loved One in Trouble Phone Scam



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    Montgomery County police warned of a scam in which people receive phone calls telling them that a loved one has been kidnapped, jailed, injured or involved in an accident.

    The scammers then ask for money, claiming it will be used to help the family member or friend.

    The scam has been reported throughout the county since February, but police saw an increase in reports over the past week.

    This type of scam has been reported elsewhere in the region and throughout the country.

    Police offered the following tips:

    • Do not provide information over the phone.  Scammers often ask leading questions to retrieve information from you.  Often, you do not realize that you are giving them valuable information.
    • Scammers create a sense of urgency.  Slow down and ask the caller for detailed information and a contact number.  Tell the caller you will call them back.  Then, attempt to verify the caller’s story by calling family and/or friends.
    • Remember that scammers often use a technique called “spoofing.”  Spoofing provides a fictitious number to a Caller ID display.
    • Do not send money.
    • Most importantly, contact police immediately if you believe you are a victim of a telephone scam.

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