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Montgomery County Firefighters Have Radio Problems

New shoulder-mounted units on the way



    An important safety device for firefighters was found to be defective in Montgomery County. Jackie Bensen reports on what's being done about it in a News4 exclusive. (Published Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012)

    Montgomery County firefighters are currently having a difficult time communicating with each other while on the job because of an equipment problem.

    News4 has learned that fire crews are currently without their normal shoulder-mounted two-way radio speakers.

    Firefighters were complaining that the speakers were not working properly when they got wet.
    Nine hundred radio shoulder speakers manufactured by Motorola issued to firefighters just eight months ago have been taken out of service because of the problem.

    A spokesperson for Motorola told News4 the company is aware of the problem and is sending the latest model of the speaker,which is water resistant.

    Until the new models arrive, firefighters are using hand-held two-way radios.