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Montgomery County's Last Dry Town May Get Wet

Lawmakers propose repeal of ban on sale of beer and wine



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    After decades of supporting the concept of prohibition, Montgomery County's last dry community could be about to get “wet.”

    State Sen. Karen Montgomery (D-14) plans to introduce a measure to the Maryland General Assembly that would allow for the sale of some alcoholic beverages in Damascus, Md. Montgomery told the Gazette newspaper that she had received more than 20 emails from residents in the town seeking to have the current ban overturned.

    The repeal wouldn't mean a rush of bars to the quiet town. It applies only to sit-down establishments, would only allow for the sale of beer and light wine and patrons could only purchase the drinks if they were seated at a table.

    There will be a public hearing to discuss the measure Dec. 5, at 7 p.m., in the Montgomery County Council office building in Rockville. Ironically, that date coincides with the 78th anniversary of the ratification of the Twenty First Amendment, which repealed prohibition.

    If the legislation passes in the General Assembly, Damascus residents would have an opportunity to vote on it during the November 2012 elections.