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Maryland County Wants Speed Camera Lawsuit Tossed

Lawyer says the county is trying to wiggle out of a lawsuit



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    In 2008, attorney Timothy Leahy filed a class-action lawsuit against Montgomery County, charging that the county operates its speed camera program illegally.

    The lawsuit claims the program is illegal because the outside contractor that operates the cameras gets a cut of every ticket, the Washington Examiner reported. The county gives Affiliated Computer Services 40 percent of its ticket revenues. That's $16.25 per ticket.

    ACS prints and mails citations and collects ticket payments. Maryland law prohibits per ticket payments to camera operators in order to avoid financial incentive to issue more tickets. 

    Montgomery County officials said the lawsuit is invalid because it's the county, not the contractor, that operates the cameras.  A judge will hear the county's motion on Thursday.

    The county's motion is "a last-ditch effort to avoid the lawsuit," Leahy said. He believes the case will go to  trial in July.