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MoCo: More Fatty Bang for Your Buck

Menu labels may be on their way



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    Finally, this poor kid will be able to know whether the hot fudge or the wet walnut is a better sundae topping.

    Montgomery County's diners will soon be able to get a bigger and fatter bang for their dining dollar -- at least if the MoCo Council has its way.

    The busybodies on the Council are set to consider a law this week that would force chain restaurants to begin printing nutritional information on their menus.

    Now, at long last, MoCo's diners will be able to know that those baby back ribs slathered in BBQ sauce, served with a monstrous side of mashed potatoes swimming in gravy and an ear of corn so greasy that you can practically see through it aren't healthy.  Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Councilman!

    The county had considered a similar bill way back in 2007, reports AP, but it never took it up for final consideration.  A study that it conducted at the time found that there were 146 different chains with 732 different locations scattered throughout the county that would've been subject to the bill.

    The thought is that an educated consumer is going to make healthier choices about what to eat.  There's one catch though: a study of NYC's efforts shows that most people use the nutrition numbers to lard up.

    Why spend $5 on a 400-calorie salad when you could spend that same $5 and get the 900-calorie burger meal?   That's efficient eatin'!  

    So the next time you're at a Dairy Queen, you'll know whether the hot fudge or the strawberry is a better topping for your sundae.