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Mmmm, Horse Tacos

Horse skull found boiling in pot at grocery store



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    For the adventurous foodie.

    LEXINGTON PARK, Md. -- Most people cringe at the idea of beef tongue or brains in their tacos. How about horse?

    Lexington Park taco lovers may be eating the same meat their dogs eat. After a horse's skull was found boiling in a pot in the back of the Los Primos grocery, authorities asked staff about it and staff stated that tacos were being made, The Bay Net reported. Naturally.

    The boiling skull was discovered by firefighters responding to an alarm at the grocery over the weekend. No other horse parts were found.

    The St. Mary's County Health Department told The Bay Net that horse is not an approved food in Maryland.

    Slaughtering horses for food is common in some places but frowned upon in most English-speaking countries. Horses are seen as companions, workers, athletes and entertainers -- not dinner. Thanks to the likes of Black Beauty, Mister Ed and Secretariat, horses are more endearing than pigs -- sorry, Wilbur, Babe and Arnold -- and cows, no matter how hard those Chik-fil-A mascots try to win our hearts.

    Authorities are investigating. Horse lovers are keeping their eyes peeled for Luca Brasi.

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