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Missing UMD Riot Video an "Oversight"



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    Maryland State Police have wrapped up an investigation into why segments of video weren't provided to defense attorneys following allegations of police brutality on the University of Maryland campus.

    The surveillance video shows rowdy celebrations by some students after Maryland beat Duke in a basketball game on March 3. It also captures what appears to be police officers beating students.

    A defense attorney subpoenaed the University of Maryland for all the video of the incident, but 90 minutes of of it was not turned over.

    On April 19, the University of Maryland Department of Public Safety asked the Maryland State Police to conduct a review to find out why the videotape was not copied.

    The review has been completed, with Maryland State Police clearing the university of intentional wrongdoing.

    "There is no evidence of collusion or intentional mishandling of evidence," the report stated. "Every effort was made to comply with the subpoena and preserve the evidence; the failure to capture the images by EMPLOYEE (name withheld) was an oversight. The SOC (Security Operations Center) supervisors handled the evidence as they were directed to. The 'oversight' on the EMPLOYEE'S part would have been identified had the index been reviewed by a superior upon the completiion of the burning of the DVDs."