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Military Workers Charged for Child Pornography

Investigation ties Pentagon workers to child porn on work computers



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    Military officials charged with child pornography.

    Dozens of Pentagon workers with high-level security clearances are accused of downloading child pornography on government computers.

    An investigation identified 30 suspects who allegedly purchased access to child pornography websites over the past 6 years -- sometimes on classified government computers.

    On Friday, the U.S. Department of Defense released 94 pages of reports implicating the accused workers, who are federal, military, and contract employees. Some of the accused worked on sensitive national security issues.

    Several workers have been tried, convicted and sentenced. Other cases were thrown out for lack of evidence, and several suspects identified in the investigation reports were never prosecuted.

    A contractor in Virginia who worked for the National Security Agency was indicted on child pornography charges, but the person fled the country may be hiding in Libya. Another suspect died before he could be charged.