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Metro's Cell Service Expansion Gets Busy Signal



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    Kate Caskin

    Metro's dream for riders to have uninterrupted cell phone service while riding will have to wait a little bit longer.

    According to the Washington Post, Metro's work has been slowed because it needs to perform maintenance and implement safety improvements.

    Back in 2008, Metro agreed with Congress to provide service for most major cell phone carriers throughout the system by 2012, but it sometimes competes with crews trying to repair the rails.

    Another challenge are the rail schedules.  The work to expand service has to be done when trains aren't operating; So the more work that's being done means the longer the trains are out of commission.

    The underground work to expand service is also challenging because it is restricted to when trains are not operating, a window of about three to four hours per night.

    Metro spokeswoman Angela Gates told the Post that the the plan to expand service is "being balanced with necessary track work that is taking place to address NTSB safety recommendations and critical maintenance needs to keep the Metro system operating safely and in a state of good repair."