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Metro's Newest Crime Fighter

"Gators" will be out on patrol



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    Metro will patrol parking garages in gators like this.

    Metro will dispatch new mobile patrols to beef up security around parking garages.

    Beginning next week, commuters might seeMmetro transit police on golf carts called “gators.” The vehicles are part of a new program to increase security in and around Metro’s parking garages.

    Metro Transit Police Chief Michael Taborn said the initiative works much like a neighborhood watch program.

    “Having additional eyes and ears at these facilities provides an important tool in our efforts to reduce crime and prevent property theft," he said.

    Both Transit Police and Metro employees will be dispatched on “gators.” The patrols will be assigned to select stations based on crime trends and areas of particular focus as determined by the police department, according to a Metro press release.

    Patrols will be unannounced and shifts will rotate to deter criminals from guessing when the facilities are being monitored.

    Drivers should also never let their guard down.

    “We remind customers to make it hard on thieves by always locking their vehicle and securing all valuables, such as GPS devices and loose change," Taborn said.