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Metro Isolating Cause of Red Line Door Malfunctions

Doors opened while train was in motion Tuesday



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    Metro's investigation team was able to replicate the mechanical problem that led to two incidents of uncommanded door openings on a Red Line train this week.

    Tuesday morning, riders told a Metro worker the doors were opening on their Red Line train while it was moving. That car — one of six in that train — was emptied of passengers and closed. The rest of the train was kept in service, Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said.

    "There was no indication that it was a broader issue," Stessel said. "It was thought to be an issue just with a particular set of doors in that one car."

    Later in the journey, the doors on another car in that same six-car train opened en route, and then the entire train was taken out of service. It's not uncommon during rush hour to see people packed right up against the doors of Metro cars. That's why some passengers wonder whether the problem that happened on two 1000 series rails cars could happen again. 

    "On a morning rush hour, I guarantee you people are packed against that door, and it's scary to think it could open on you," 

    Patricia Smith said a Red Line train. "That is why I am sitting down."

    According to the Metro investigation, they were able to replicate the incident, focusing on a misalignment of the contact head that transfers information between cars. Stessel said this particular train consisted of two 5000 series cars in the front, two 1000s in the middle, and two 6000s in the rear. The problem appeared to stem from the connection between the 5000 and 1000 series cars, which caused an electrical short.

    Metro will begin an inspection of all 5000-series cars for similar issues.

    No one was injured in either incident.

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