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Metro Transit Police Using Decoy Strategy to Curb Crime

Undercover officers involved in increasing number of arrests



    The person sitting next to you on Metro might very well be an undercover cop. Tisha Thompson shows us how Metro is luring crooks into taking the bait. Metro Transit Police Deputy Chief Ronald Pavlik also explains the program. This story was published Feb. 9, 2012 - 11:36 p.m. (Published Wednesday, April 25, 2012)

    Metro Transit Police have a message for would-be thieves: if you're on a Metro train, the next person you rob could be an officer.

    In an effort to curb crime, Transit Police are trying a new decoy operation.

    The News 4 I-Team got access to video showing some of the arrests.

    In one video, a man appears to be passed out on the platform, a perfect target for thieves.  But it's really an undercover officer, and the woman that picked his pocket was taken into custody by officers waiting nearby.

    In the last two weeks, Transit Police said more than 70 percent of reported robberies involved an undercover officer.