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Metro Temporarily Suspends Weekend Track Work

Metro will take a "Spring Break" for the Cherry Blossom season



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    Metro announced on Thursday that workers will take a “spring break” from track work for the Cherry Blossom season.

    Beginning Saturday, March 24, there will be no scheduled weekend track work on the Metro rail system for the next four weekends.

    Metro will continue weekend track work Friday, April 20.

    Weekday track work will also be suspended between Monday March 26 and Friday, April 13.

    The Cherry Blossom season is a usually a profitable time for Metro. The number of passengers increases an average of 15 percent during the season and can even double depending on the weather.

    "Metro is the preferred travel choice for hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Tidal Basin each spring," said Metro CEO Richard Sarles. "To ensure a seamless travel experience, we will take a short hiatus from our aggressive rebuilding efforts."

    Sarles said Metro also plans to add extra train cars to off peak hours and weekends to accommodate residents and visitors, especially at stations near the Tidal Basin.

    To make your commute a smooth and safe one, Metro asks customers to incorporate extra time into their travel plans.

    Riders are encouraged to avoid rush-hour times if possible, like the afternoon peak period from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m..

    Those who usually use the Smithsonian Station are urged to use alternate stops during the Cherry Blossom season to avoid crowds visiting the Tidal Basin.

    Visitors and residents planning to use Metro several times throughout the day are encouraged to buy a $9 Metrorail One-Day Pass that can be used for unlimited trips after 9:30 am on weekdays and all day on weekends.