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Metro Alert: Expect Buses to Be Late

Drivers to go by the book because of safety concerns



    Metro Alert: Expect Buses to Be Late
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    The bus in the picture is further away than it appears.

    Metrobus drivers began a safety push Tuesday after recent incidents, but they warned that the safety measures will mean buses will be late.

    We assume they meant "later."

    The union-driven initiative means driving by the book, The Washington Post reported:

    • Observing posted speed limits
    • Activating handicapped lifts at every bus stop
    • Not passing other buses at bus stops

    It will take operators longer to run their routes and will add to delays, especially along congested corridors, said Gerry Garnett, a member of the executive board of the union that represents bus operators and other front-line employees.

    Maybe if they're delayed long enough, riders can catch the buses running in front of the ones they want to catch and not even notice the delays. Eh, we doubt it works quite that way.

    Three bus drivers have been fired dating to August: One who was suspected of kidnapping a passenger, one caught driving with a suspended license and one who struck a jogger while off duty. A woman died when she was struck by one Metrobus after getting off another Metrobus last week.