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Maryland Zoo Welcomes Baby Colobus Monkey

New arrival brings colobus count to four at Baltimore zoo



    Maryland Zoo Welcomes Baby Colobus Monkey
    Tad Motoyama
    A female colobus monkey.

    The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has announced the birth of a black-and-white colobus monkey.

    Mike McClure, the zoo's general curator, made a statement announcing the birth to parents Keri, age 14, and Bisi, age 19. 

    “We have been hoping that this pair would breed successfully, however they are secretive breeders and we were not certain she was pregnant,” said McClure. “We were very happy to see this new offspring arrive this morning.”

    Found in the forests of equatorial Africa, colobus monkeys are distinguished by their black bodies and long white tails. The species is officially considered to be "in decline" due to the loss of their forest habitat, as well as the fact that they are hunted for meat and fur.

    The new arrival brings the count of colobus monkeys at the Maryland Zoo to four, with the infant joining Keri, Bisi, and another adult female. 

    The Zoo has released a video of the infant on YouTube. The baby, covered in white fur, can be seen clinging to its mother's belly.