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Md. Speeders Get Two Weeks' Reprieve

It's a chance to change your "dangerous driving behaviors"



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    Speed cameras

    Go ahead, Maryland. Speed in that highway work zone.*

    The State Highway Administration won't be fining drivers $40 for speeding in those zones for at least another two weeks.

    "We are extending the warning phase because our goal isn't to catch speeders but to give citizens an opportunity to change dangerous driving behaviors before [we] begin issuing citations," SHA chief Neil J. Pedersen said in a statement Monday.

    Yeah, a chance to change your dangerous driving habits... That's the ticket -- er, warning.

    More than 900 drivers have been issued warnings since the state started using two automated. mobile speed cameras in highway work zones last month.

    The cameras will rotate among work zones around the state, with large signs basically blaring, "Hey, there's a speed camera up ahead!"

    The cameras have been used in three locations so far, according to the Washington Post: Interstate 95 between Routes 198 and 212 in Montgomery County; Interstate 695 at Charles Street in Baltimore County; and a work zone at I-95 near White Marsh.

    *Editor's note: We do NOT recommend speeding anytime, anywhere. So if you get a ticket, don't even try to lay it on us.