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Md. Considers Residents' Right to Air Dry

Save money, energy and check out your neighbor's underwear



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    A Maryland House Committee is considering whether to let clotheslines swing wild and free. 

    If passed, the bill would ban local governments and homeowner associations in Maryland from banning residents from using clotheslines outside their homes.

    Delegate Galen Clagett (D-Frederick) is behind the measure, which would allow “reasonable restrictions” on the size and placement of clotheslines, as well as when and where homeowners or tenants could put their laundry.

    Just think. If you live in Maryland, you could save energy and money on your electric bill, and check out your neighbor's underwear too.

    And that's partly what some homeowners associations seem to be worried about. Many say outside drying can diminish a neighborhood's curb appeal and hurt property values, according to the Washington Examiner.

    The bill applies to single family homes and townhouses, but does not include condominiums.

    A similar bill introduced last year was rejected by the House Environmental Matters committee.

    Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Utah and Vermont have enacted various laws protecting homeowners' right to use clotheslines.