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Maryland Teen Attacked in Front of TV Crew



    Bully's Attack on Student Caught on Video

    A Frederick County high school student was hit and chased by a bully -- right in front of a TV crew. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012)

    Cameras didn't scare off so-called bullies at a Maryland high school who were so bold they attacked a teen right in front of a TV news crew.

    Preston Deener, a sophomore at Brunswick High School in Frederick County, said he was suspended last week for fighting back against a bully. Because of the suspension, Deener, 15, was not allowed to attend the homecoming dance.

    Deener was attacked again Monday as he was getting ready to be interviewed by WHAG, a Hagerstown TV station, about the alleged bullying and his suspension.

    Just before cameras started rolling, three boys approached Deener. One hit him on the head and chased him across a busy street.

    "I was shocked," the WHAG reporter said of the attack. "They didn't even care that I was standing there and yelling at them."

    Deener told News4's Erika Gonzalez that he wasn't expecting that, either. "One of them hit me in my head, in the back of my head," he said. "It hurt."

    The school said it's working on identifying those involved. Their faces were caught on video.

    "A full investigation is under way," Michael Doerrer of Frederick County Public Schools told WHAG. "That's step number one, to find out what's going on.... I think bullying is a problem at many schools around the country. It's not just in Frederick County."

    Preston Deener's mother, Cheryl, said her son has been bullied since the sixth grade, and enough is enough.

    "They have to make sure this stops now before someone gets seriously hurt or even killed, and I hope to God it's not my child," she said.

    Deener is otherwise a typical high schooler. He studies hard and participates in sports -- but these days, he doesn't really look forward to going to school.

    Last week, he said, another boy tackled him in gym class. Deener said he fought back for the first time. He was suspended, but the other student wasn't.

    Deener, his friends and family said they planned to wear orange on Wednesday for Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. They're also going to have their own homecoming dance this Friday. About 150 people are expected to attend.