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Local Man Claims He Purchased Powerball Jackpot Ticket in Arizona

Clerks at an Upper Marlboro Exxon station say they saw a man with the jackpot ticket



    A local man told store clerks he has one of the two winning Powerball jackpot tickets, employees at an Exxon station in Upper Marlboro tell News4. (Published Friday, Nov. 30, 2012)

    A local man told store clerks he has one of the two winning Powerball jackpot tickets, employees at an Exxon station in Upper Marlboro tell News4.

    Powerball confirms that the two jackpot tickets were purchased in Missouri and Arizona -- but employees at the Exxon located at 5111 John Rogers Blvd. say that when a man walked in with his coworkers and began to check his tickets, he suddenly slammed his hand on the counter, saying he had the winning ticket.

    Wednesday night's Powerball jackpot -- $587.5 million -- was the largest in in the game's history.

    "He hit the counter and said, "Oh my god, I got it'," a clerk told News4's Megan McGrath Friday morning. "...He's so glad, he’s telling everyone he got the Powerball jackpot."

    The man's ticket was issued in Arizona, so they couldn't scan it on a Maryland machine, the clerk said.

    "I saw the ticket -- same number on the results, same number on the ticket too.... I [held] the ticket, and I saw the exact same numbers," he said.

    Employees at the Exxon station said the man mentioned he'd been traveling in Arizona. They say the man told them he lived or lives in Chillum.

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    Surveillance video shows the man wearing a reflective yellow construction-type vest.

    He wasn't the only one saying he had the winning ticket, though -- a Facebook user named Nolan Daniels posted a picture of himself holding up a Powerball ticket displaying the winning numbers.

    "Looks like I won't be going to work EVER!!!! Share this photo and I will give a random person 1 million dollars!" Daniels wrote.

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    However, Powerball tickets list the numbers from the smallest to the largest. Daniels' ticket lists his in a random order, which indicates the image may have been doctored. The 16 on the ticket resembles a 46 with part of the 4 chopped off, a commenter notes on SavannahNow.com.

    Nonetheless, the image had been shared more than 210,000 times by 4:10 p.m. Friday.

    While the holder of the Arizona-purchased ticket has yet to be identified, on Friday morning lottery officials in Missouri named a couple from Dearborn, Cindy and Mark Hill, as the jackpot winners there.

    "I called my husband [Mark] and told him, 'I think I am having a heart attack. I think we just won the lottery!'" said Cindy Hill, 51, according to a Missouri Lottery press release.

    The Hills are high school sweethearts who have three grown children and an adopted six-year-old daughter. They say they may adopt again now, and will spend time traveling with their family.

    Cindy Hill was an office manager until she was laid off in 2010; Mark works as a mechanic.

    The odds of winning the jackpot were 1 in 175 million.

    Closer to home, four $1 million tickets were sold in Virginia, including one sold at a 7-Eleven in Arlington. Those tickets had five of the winning numbers (5, 16, 22, 23, 29), but didn't include the Powerball number (6).

    And a day before the big Powerball drawing, an Alexandria man won $1 million in Tuesday night's MegaMillions drawing.

    Lionel Miller, a retired government employee, matched five winning numbers -- 5-12-26-42-49 -- but missed the Mega Ball of 24.

    "Normally that would win $250,000, but Mr. Miller spent an extra dollar for the Megaplier, increasing his prize to $1 million," said a Virginia Lottery press release.

    Miller bought his winning ticket at the Safeway located at 7451 Mt. Vernon Square in Alexandria. He used numbers that he often plays, although they have no special significance, lottery officials said.

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