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Last Call Order Could Include DUI Plate in Md.

Three strikes, you're tagged



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    Is the driver of that car that just swerved into your lane under the influence? If you frequent the Beltway, you may answer "Yes!" more times than not, but you’d just be guessing.

    A Prince George's County lawmaker wants to take the guesswork out of it when it comes to repeat drunk drivers.   Democrat Marvin Holmes has introduced a bill requiring repeat DUI offenders to display a bright yellow license plate bearing the letters “DUI,” accoding to the Baltimore Sun.

    The plates would be issued for drivers with three convicitons for driving under the influence.

    Holmes is taking a cue from several other states that similarly brand bad drivers, uninsured drivers and even pedophiles.

    While some say such a system is an effective way of letting motorists know just who they’re sharing the road with, others would rather steer clear of the idea. They worry that it amounts to little more than a “scarlet letter” that can stigmatize passengers or family members of the person to whom the tags are issued.

    At least one other Maryland legislator would rather opt for ignition locks that won’t open if the driver fails a breathalyzer test before hitting the road. Holmes likes that idea too, if the policy was used in tandem with his DUI tag idea.

    Similar bills have been introduced in the Maryland Legislature; however, none have passed.