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Maryland Bill Could Thwart D.C. Bag Tax Dodgers



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    Anyone who avoids paying D.C.'s 5-cent bag tax by shopping in Maryland (OK, is it really anyone other than this guy?) could find their efforts foiled if some lawmakers get their way.

    Maryland lawmakers are considering whether to impose their own bag tax in an effort to reduce pollution. They held a hearing on the measure Wednesday.

    It would charge shoppers 5 cents extra for every paper or plastic bag they use, just as the District does.

    Shoppers can avoid the tax by bringing their own bags -- or stumbling down neighborhood streets, arms juggling small loads of groceries, as can be seen outside of D.C. bodegas these days. All just to hang on to their nickels.

    In addition to encouraging people to get reusable bags, the revenue raised can be used to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, making the tax eco-friendly times two, supporters said.

    Critics argue those nickels are precious metal in this tough economy.