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Decision D.C.

Decision D.C.

Marion Barry to Endorse Vincent Gray in Mayoral Primary



    Early Voting for DC Mayor Overshadowed By Corruption Allegations

    Allegations of corruption from the 2010 campaign hang over D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, even on Tuesday, the second day of early voting in the race. News4's Tom Sherwood has more on the turnout -- and a big endorsement for mayor. (Published Tuesday, March 18, 2014)

    There is a big shadow of scandal over city politics, but among the hundreds of early voters now casting ballots in the lead-up to the April 1 primary, many say they're not discouraged by scandal.

    "Everybody should have their day in court before we begin to convict people," one voter said.

    On Wednesday, Mayor Vincent Gray will get a break from the talk of scandal when he receives an endorsement from former Mayor Marion Barry, who -- despite a series of health problems in recent months -- has campaigned for Gray.

    Barry, 78, wrote in a series of Twitter messages over the weekend that "elections come and go & it gets spirited" and that he doesn't hold grudges.

    "For better or worse, WE should run our city," Barry tweeted. "NOT the Feds or outsiders. WE should learn to handle the good and the bad OURSELVES."

    He also said Gray took him out to dinner for the first time since his recent health struggles.

    On Tuesday, federal prosecutors declined to comment on complaints by Gray's lawyer a day earlier that "they're out to get" Gray in the wake of D.C. businessman Jeffrey Thompson's plea deal. Thompson has told prosecutors that Gray knew about the more than $650,000 in illegal funding funneled to the mayor's 2010 campaign.

    Gray's lawyer said Monday that Gray would go to trial to prove his innocence if necessary.