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Marines’ Tuition Assistance Restored

Corps had cut benefit from $4,500 to $875



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    Marines again are getting as much tuition assistance as the rest of the military.

    The amount the U.S. Marine Corps will pay for Marines to attend classes was restored to $4,500 per year Wednesday.

    The change comes just days after News4’s John Schriffen spoke to three Marines upset that the figure had been slashed to $875

    The Department of Defense allows enlisted soldiers of all branches to spend $4,500 a year for their education. On Monday, the secretary of defense decided to include this in a comprehensive review of benefits for all branches of the military, Schriffen reported.

    Meanwhile, the DOD told the Marine Corps to change it back.

    Marines Upset by Slashed Tuition Assistance

    [DC] Marines Upset by Slashed Tuition Assistance
    The U.S. Marine Corps drastically cut what it will pay for Marines to take classes, and some Marines say that's a big hit to morale.
    (Published Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011)

    The overall budget hasn’t changed, though, so money for classes could run out, but until it does, Marines are again able to take as many classes as members of other branches of the military.