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Man Nearly Doubles Jail Time in Escape from Court



    A man accused of holing up a Silver Spring, MD Dollar Store tries to run out of a Rockville Courtroom. News4's Derrick Ward has video of the failed escape. (Published Monday, Aug. 19, 2013)

    A man who attempted to escape custody not only had it caught on tape, but nearly doubled his jail time by bumping into a sheriff's deputy on his way out.

    Kairee Dorsey, 22, attempted to run from a Rockville, Md. courtroom June 28. Surveillance video shows Dorsey sprinting from the court when his bond was revoked -- just after telling the judge he is not a flight risk.

    He got two floors down, where he hid inside of a women's restroom.

    "That's the irony of what happened -- a woman from my staff was in the ladies' room and saw this guy in there and knew something was amiss," Montgomery County State's Attorney John McCarthy said.

    Deputies caught up with Dorsey in the bathroom where they found him hiding under a counter, but the chase was not quite over yet. Dorsey ran past the deputies -- knocking one of them down, and adding a charge of second degree assault to his rap sheet. A juror then tripped him and he was apprehended by officials.

    During his sentencing Monday, McCarthy said Dorsey did not attempt to escape, but was heard snickering and jeering.

    "Even at sentencing, he spoke out against the prosecutor in the case," McCarthy said.

    Dorsey was sentenced to 15 years for the robbery charge and 10 for the assault of the deputy. Meantime, sheriff's deputies are taking precautions this kind of escape -- though failed -- doesn't occur again.

    "I've actually asked one of our training lieutenants to review the entire incident," Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Mark Bonnano said. "We're going to be going over some training with all deputies in respect to this case."